“There is so much more to Matt Brenner— known to most as Matt Stackswell, aka Geeks NSF TCK crew— too much for one paragraph, so I’ll stick to what I know.

He was a DJ and writer from the burbs of DC. He was highly recognized for a wealth of knowledge in music and urban subculture. He had been a successful contributor to many well known music blogs. He DJ’d since the ’90s, everywhere from Kansas City to Philadelphia, London to New York. His sets were rich in deep house, garage classics, funk, soul, disco and ’90s hip hop. He had an insatiable love and respect for ’90s New York City culture and sound, without ever forgetting his DC roots. He was always looking to further his expertise, never stopped digging and most importantly stayed humble. The people close to him will always remember him for his captivating personality and contagious smile.

Sadly, on Sunday, July 6, he was struck by a SUV while on his bike in Brooklyn and passed away early a.m. on Monday July 7. He will be missed immeasurably by his friends and family. His mixes are available for download on his SoundCloud page.(Words by Nasty Vaz TCK Crew)

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A tribute party is scheduled for Saturday the 23rd @ the Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC from 8pm – 11pm. Please Google for directions. Another tribute party in NYC is being planned for Matt’s 30th birthday, Sunday October 19th. We hope to see you there to pay tribute to our great friend,


– Press play to hear a live interview and mix from Matt recorded on 6/12/14. You can download it here.

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